All of our products are 925 Sterling Silver which is then plated in either 18k gold or Rhodium. This just ensures that the delicate silver base is protected to ensure your pieces stay shiny for longer!

To extend the longevity of your pieces we recommend they stay away from perfumes, lotions and other chemicals which could damage the silver.
All our pieces have hand-set stones and therefore should be cared for accordingly.

Some of our pieces are 18k yellow gold plated. This plating will eventually wear away, to avoid this we recommend to not wear the jewellery during any sport or activity which involves handy work.
Silver is an extremely malleable metal meaning that it bends super easily (only negative of silver). If you see your ring start to bend out of shape we recommend you gently try to bend it back into position as this also can cause the prongs holding the stones in place to open. 

We recommend you frequently clean your pieces with a jewellery cloth or soft tissue to remove any built up residue to make sure they remain a beautiful silver colour for years to come.
If your stones become cloudy due to a build up of sweat and lotions place the jewellery in a tub of luke warm water with a drop of dish soap and give them a gentle brush. A soft-bristle toothbrush is usually great for this!

Cubic Zirconia is the ultimate diamond alternative, a high grade CZ stone shares many of the same qualities of a diamond, producing more flashes of colour and sparkle than its expensive sister! CZ stones are more ethical and of course a less expensive alternative.